www.extraefi.co.uk   Megasquirt systems, wiring looms, sensors, EDIS modules, lots of wiring diagrams and very useful information for setup and tuning MS.

www.v8church.co.uk   Rover V8 spares and performance tuning online shop, V8 conversion information and members V8 conversion profiles.

www.trigger-wheels.com   Microsquirt ECUs, Coil pack kits, EDIS modules, trigger wheels & sensors.

www.zyworld.com/caprisport/   Excellent advice and parts for Capri brake and suspension upgrades.

www.rallydesign.co.uk    Escort rally parts, 4-pot calipers, vented discs, fuel hose and fittings, clutch kits, adjustable suspension struts, 4-link kits, loadsa stuff...

www.microsquirt.info   Wiring diagrams and instructions for setting up the microsquirt controller.

www.microsquirt.com   Forum for discussing why your system isn't (or is!) working properly.

www.vacmotorsports.com  American BMW tuning outfit offering tuning parts for the M60 and M62 V8s also race flywheels and multiplate clutches, dry sump pans and a dry sump kit.

 www.bodinecc.com   Tuned BMW Alpina 4.6L V8 fitted to a De Tomaso Pantera.



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