The BMW E34 engine mounts are a substantial cast aluminium design that are really too bulky to use in the Capri - especially on the driver side where the steering column is close, so smaller mounts are needed to line up with the original Capri crossmember. I'm using a 2.0L crossmember with a manual steering rack. I'm not sure if the V6 crossmember is different, or how a power-steering rack will affect the installation. If you could keep the power-steering then this would be a bonus, as the bigger engine does make the steering a bit heavy for parking.

The main problem with the engine mounts is that the oil feed/return to the remote oil filter passes through the passenger side engine mount. This marries up with the two oilways in the block :

Having relocated the oil pump, the feed to the filter no longer comes out of the left-hand hole, but from a new pipe poking out the front of the sump, so this hole gets blocked off. The right hand hole is the high-pressure flow from the filter into the oil galleries.


Engine mounts made up from mig welded 4mm steel, using ford style mounting rubbers. The tube on the left mount is the oil flow pipe, here this needs replacing with something more substantial (see later pic) - it took me a while to find an oil hose that could take the pressure and temperature without failing, and being so close to the exhaust it needs to be carefully routed.

To get the angle and placement of the mountings correct, i bolted the flat plates to the engine, put the engine in position, and then tack-welded the C-section part of the mount when everything was lined up correctly, then took the motor out again to weld them up properly. It was a similar process of trial and error with the exhaust manifolds. The painful bit is that when the engine is in the car there is no access below the sides of the cylinder heads, you can't even undo the exhaust manifold bolts - BMW V8 owners probably have experience of this headache area, as the 5 and 7 series engine bays are even tighter down the sides of the engine.

 New nearside engine mount with oil pipe in position, and new rubber mounts from a rangerover V8.

In hindsight i'd get rid of the mounts on the crossmember and run a tubular mount to new brackets down on the chassis leg, as this would give far more space for the exhaust headers. 

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