I'm using 257mm vented discs from Rally-Design with AP princess iron 4-pot calipers and Goodridge hoses. The calipers were rebuilt with a spacer kit to allow them to fit around the wider vented disc. New longer mounting bolts with spacers were used, and a set of link pipes were fabricated to avoid the twin-feed piping that the Princess used.

These will probably get changed for something bigger when the budget allows it, but they stop the car pretty well.


The driver-side cylinder head of the BMW V8 is too wide to allow room for a conventional brake servo setup. And the space between the cylinder head and inner wing is too small to allow fitment of an extended pushrod/master cylinder and servo assembly.

The only solution i could find to the lack of space was to fit the master cylinder and remote servo assembly from a Lotus Elan. Quite a lot of 60s sports cars and saloons were aftermarket fitted with these remote servo systems (and the remote servo units are still available new).

In this pic the single-outlet master cylinder is at the top right and the remote servo is mounted sideways against the o/s inner wing.  

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