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My first attemp at installing one of these was a 530i V8 engine :

That got the ball rolling and on the way i found out a lot more about these motors.

They can give a lot of £-per-bhp for a cheap low mileage engine, but the downside is that reconditioning these engines can be a cost-prohibitive compared to older V8 designs. So when they're broke they tend to get binned because the parts are expensive or unavailable.

The 530/540i and 730/740i that they came from are at an all-time low price for '92-'97 models and they'll probably keep getting cheaper. The engines are low weight, high bhp/litre, and can give good fuel economy for their power.

The problems are the Nikasil/Alusil liners, front sump position, lack of manual gearboxes, lack of cheap spares, and lack of available information on the design and the electronics.

The most difficult part of this swop is the sump and oil pump position being totally wrong for the Capri (and most other older RWD cars) and a lack of room caused by the wide heads which makes the exhaust and access to everything else down the sides of the engine bay very awkward.

I hope this site gives some useful advice and inspiration for anyone contemplating this swop or any similar conversion.

After the 530i motor expired i fitted the larger M60 B40:


Then it came out again for a complete rebuild and some tuning:


Then it went back in again:

Then they all went home and had a nice cup of tea. 

Thanks for looking & happy motoring

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